Where We Travel

WTG, with 30 years of experience, travels all over Europe, South America, and Oceania. However, we are uniquely able to offer programs with purpose because we are a licensed and insured tour operator and have offices in all of the regions that we offer allowing for the best quality programs and local inside experiences.

Each WTG program is unique and led by an instructor or group leader that has a unique talent.

Our top destinations include but are not limited to:

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15 TO 21 October 2023


Venice, Italy
Marie Fratoni

Each accommodation that hosts a WTG program is unique and listed in the program. In Italy for example where we have operated since 1992, we stay in amazing villas or in an agritourism when the programs are in the countryside, but when in a city, we stay in places that are charming and exude the genuine atmosphere of the host city and country. Every program is special as is every accommodation as we hand select them for fellow travelers.