About Us

Welcome to WTG where we travel with purpose!

Since 1992 the team of WTG has created extraordinary programs and retreats that are geared towards providing travel experiences that are unique as they are good for the mind as well as the soul. Personal Development and fun are always a part of what we do.

Joseph, our founder, leads an international team of experts in travel and experience creation. He arrived in Italy in 1988 and knew instantly that his life would revolve around travel and personal discovery. He is a U.S. Navy military war veteran, a linguistic polyglot and holds various post graduate degrees in Italian history and art. Since 1992, Joseph has used his academic training as an historian with his practical experience of traveling to every nook and cranny of Italy, to create unique programs that center around art, beautiful scenery, food, wine, culture, and the simplicity local life. He has also consulted on various documentaries that have appeared on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, the BBC and was a frequent guest speaker for segments on AFN Europe.

Joseph also is known as the guide to the stars as he has guided dozens of top named Hollywood actors, international musicians, sports icons, and US leaders around Italy. He not only helps create travel programs and retreats but has a profound knowledge of what to see and do that has translated into what is known as the WTG experience!

The WTG Experience is not only about flash and seeing the most well-trodden of tourist sites, although we do not shy away from those, it is about discovering and revealing the essence of a location and experiencing moments that bring the country and region to life as to ascertain a deeper meaning. We are experts at what we do but know how to have a lot of fun too.

Since 1995 WTG expanded to offer other countries within the same WTG ethos. We have local experts assisting our visiting group leaders to provide our guests with a genuine and authentic experience that will not be found anywhere else. Travel with purpose is not just a motto, it is a way of life for us.