Design Your Program!

WTG welcomes Instructors and Group Leaders.

Instructors and Group leaders, you are very welcome to work with us and we will be happy to help design an inspiring program with you. You only need to have a strong following or a group of interested participants to make this work as we will develop the rest with your direct input.

The venues for the accommodation will change according to the destination you choose. In Italy for example we have various venues in Tuscany, Umbria, Lago di Garda, Lecco on Lake Como, Sicily, Venice, and more! Our properties are suitable for urban or rural retreats and can be economic all the way to the luxury category. The key is always to provide an amazing and authentic experience with comfort and safety.

The minimum group size is 8 participants not including yourself.

Please click the short video to meet Joseph and some of the other international team to learn how to design your own program! (Link)

Instructors and Group Leaders:

As WTG has offices and staff in the countries or region where we offer programs, you can focus on offering a great experience to your participants while we handle the accommodation, transfers, activities, some meals, and more!

Also as a licensed and insured travel company, we also offer extra services for participants who need flights to the program destination, or pre/post services if they wish to travel and see more of the country outside the group experience. We are alone in offering this service as we have in-house travel professionals to take care of this and never send your participants to third parties as a safe and easy travel experience is important for everyone.

The WTG Experience: Our instructors know they can count on our constant support and our ability to provide amazing venues and programs with a rich cultural patrimony. We alone combine the traits of cultural experts with the DNA of an international professional travel company to get your travel experience right. We are not only fluent in languages but fluent in living the local lifestyle with a deep knowledge and respect for cultural patrimony. You are in safe hands.

Our Goals

We incentivize travel as a life-enriching experience, and we believe that by experiencing a destination one has personal growth. We meet the locals, eat and drink as they do, and listen to their stories while learning about their traditions.

We want each program to offer:
 The possibility of personal development
 Learning the local history and culture by passionate locals
 Tasting and highlighting local wine and culinary traditions
 Developing personal relationships within the group and with locals
 Returning home, a different person, a more fulfilled person, because of travel

Are you ready to be an instructor or group leader? Contact us at to set up a chat and we can go over how we make this a turn-key and very easy process.